Sepia Tones Presets for Lightroom:

Download these Free Lightroom Sepia Presets to add a vintage feel to your photos in several clicks. Even those being engaged in photography for only several years, definitely know what the sepia effect is.

It is easy to differentiate such images thanks to the peculiar brownish tint and an antique look. It seems that such photos have been taken long ago.

Modern image editing industry offers various methods of how to create sepia toned pictures. One of the most popular approaches is to use Sepia Lightroom presets that help achieve a certain mood in a matter of seconds.

Using these sepia filters, you can get very beautiful color interplay in your images that resembles the color of dry leaves in fall. They are really helpful if you need to tone photos in brown, alter the intensity of colors and get rich or soft shades. Being very universal, these Lr plug-ins can be used with various photo genres depending on the photographer’s ideas. Every shooter will find the Sepia Lightroom preset to his/her taste.

With the help of our Sepia Adobe Lightroom effects, you can turn your photos into antique and retro-looking images in several clicks.

Collection “Sepia Tone” includes:

• 60 presets in .xmp, .lrtemplate formats

• 10 Lightroom Brushes

• Free Bonus – 50 Black&White Lightroom Presets

• Compatible: Adobe Lightroom 5.2 and higher, Creative Cloud, Adobe Photoshop CS6 and higher

• Windows and Mac

• RAW and JPEG

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